EPISODE 59: Operation: SGC


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This Week:
Mike sacrificed Otakon and travels with Ron “Soulcrash” Ladao to the first year of the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention in Dallas, Texas! At least, that was the original plan. Because of a lack of proper format, the audio Mike recorded at the con is all over the map, resulting in something of an extended montage….

All the same, included are highlights from the Nolan Bushnell Keynote Address, a short look at the Jack Thompson Debate, guest appearances by Larry Oji and DJ Pretzel from OC Remix and the ScrewAttack Crew, a live rendition of “The Mario”, and the aftermath of Mike’s attempt at the Iron Man of Gaming Challenge! What it lacks in cohesion, it makes up for with awesomeness! Maybe.

Check out the show notes for a complete Timestamp list!

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CONVERSATIONS WITH WILL: 10 – The Hangover Episode

Holy crap, we have graphics again!

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This Week:
Conversations With Will has hit 10 episodes?! According to certain podcast historians, this is the epic point of no return for our heroes! As they recover from the madness that is Anime Central, the two of them reminisce about Tokusatsu Hell: The Revenge, organizational clusterfucks, the epic return of Battletech, Mike’s picks for the Top 5 Cosplayers of ACen 2009, and why Will will never do an episode in Japan.

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