EPISODE 63: Ultra Symphony No. 1 -An Interview With Mike Verta-

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This Week:
Anticipation is hyped for the new Ultraman movie, Mega-Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends, set to come out next month! Through chance, Mike finds the time to chat with yet ANOTHER Mike: Mike Verta, the film’s composer! In this short but sweet (and exclusive!) interview, Mike tells R5 about himself and lets us in on what went into creating the soundtrack behind this epic new adventure in the Ultra Series!

Continuity: The interview between both Mike’s was conducted on November 4th, 2009. Final mix took place on November 20th, 2009.

The name for this episode comes from the title of the original Ultraman series’ first episode: “Ultra Operation No. 1”. Seemed fitting enough, don’t you think? Also, the banner was designed to look like an original series opening theme silhouette.

It came off looking more like it came from Ultraseven but whatever, you get the idea!

-Finally, what did Mike mean by the slip up? Has the R-Vanguard truly split up?! Hang on, folks! This could get hairy!

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Audio from Ultraman Honda Stepwagon CM
-“Sky high into deep” – Fleming*
-“Himitsu Piano” – KC Saito*

*These tracks came from the Podshow Podsafe Music Network. Look up these artists and more!

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Mike Verta’s Official Website
Mega-Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends Official Site
Mega-Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends Trailer via Youtube


3 thoughts on “EPISODE 63: Ultra Symphony No. 1 -An Interview With Mike Verta-

  1. I enjoyed hearing about him going through years of rejection, only to find out they were too intimidated to approach him for another project. I need to listen to his work. This episode felt really short.

    1. Sean:
      Glad you liked the episode! If you left wanting more, that’s the point: This was a way to get you hyped up for the film and the soundtrack after all!

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