EPISODE 62: Solution D


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This Week:
To ring in the Halloween season, Mike and Ai take a literal stab into the Vampire craze by praising the solution the problem: Vampire Hunters. More specifically, a short and sweet “Lite Episode” review of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

Continuity: This audio was recorded October 15th, 2009. Final mix took place on Halloween weekend!

-Special thanks to the wonderful people at Westlake Films for sending us the rare H2G2 BGM used during Ai’s “outburst”.

OP THEME: “Thunder Party ~DP 09 Mix~” DA PUMP

Vampire Hunter D Official English Site
Midori Days Opening


3 thoughts on “EPISODE 62: Solution D

  1. Two things!

    Urban Vision is still around. A few months some of the AoD forumites noticed a new announcement on the UV homepage for the first time in ages. Shortly after they started up a Twitter account, http://twitter.com/UVEntertainment

    Second, if you want to see Mick McShane act and feel a bit daring, check him out as Friar Tuck in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

  2. I very much so like the lite format. It works for me when I don’t have much time to be listing to stuff. I don’t think you lost anything either, it did just seem like taking a segment of the longer shows and making it stand alone; which I think is a good thing, not sure if that is what you were going for. Either way I’ll be looking forward to more of these, if they continue.

  3. I absolutely adore this new format. Of course we all listen to R5 for the fantastic audio drama, but, if it can’t be done, why leave the feed (and your fans) feeling empty?

    Good idea, hun. Real good idea.

    Also, whatever happened to Conversations with Will? They were pretty entertaining, and I really loved the theme song you used for them.

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