EPISODE 60.5: Extended Celebrations

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This Week:
It took us long enough! Sylene and Ai team-up to unleash an extended shoutout reel, featuring the likes of Kyle Hebert, Little Miss Gamer, Benu from Anime Genesis, and more! Also in the mix is a never-before-heard gag reel from Series 4 and 5, and a surprise cameo appearance that will make you freak!

Continuity: Sylene and Ai recorded their bits on August 22nd while the opening bit was archived on August 8th.

Yes, we keep referencing stuff mentioned on Twitter. Among them, the Date Who Shall Not Be Named’s identity and the mention of the swimsuit art. To get in on the action, follow Sylene and Ai!

-Want to keep up with what’s going on? Check out the Story Arc wiki!

ED THEME: “Yaiba” The Back Horn

Random Crap Podcast
Little Miss Gamer
Anime Genesis
fightbait anime/gaming podcast
Big Bald Broadcast
Tokyo Tower
Anime 3000
Patrick Macias’ Blog


6 thoughts on “EPISODE 60.5: Extended Celebrations

  1. My darling, my dear, my all, my everything, Mike Dent, we have ourselves a problem. I saw on the Twitter feed that you were slapping up eppy 61. Where is it? I’m in a podcast slump, and I seriously love the production value of this show. Its an absolute joy to listen to, but I can’t enjoy it unless you actually PUT STUFF IN THE FEED! WAAH!

    Ok, enough of my tantrum. Hurry up already, Dent-san. Hyaku, hyaku! Onegai?

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