EPISODE 60: The Man Who Came From Hong Kong


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This Week:
R5 Central turned four years old on August 9th! To celebrate the occasion, Mike goes ridiculously off-topic and brings Dragon Dynasty’s “Power that Is”, Bey Logan onto the show. They speak of the status of the famed DVD label, why Kung Fu Cult Master is the Greatest Martial Arts Film of All Time, and discuss why you should be getting the Dragon Dynasty release of The Five Deadly Venoms.….a movie which you could win by listening to this episode!

Continuity: The interview with Bey was conducted on August 5th, 2009. Interlude bits were recorded August 8th, 2009 with the final mix was completed on August 22nd, 2009. Would have been out sooner but, as expected, all sorts of wonderful things got in the way…..

Yes, the quality in the interview waivers a bit. I don’t know if it was the phone reception on either end but I regretfully ended up having to cut out a lot. You may notice that I even had to re-record some of my questions because of the quality! I may have to do a transcript for the full thing at some point.

The Dacia Sandero line is a reference to this.

Now I really do swear I saw a costume that would be reused in Crippled Avengers in Five Deadly Venoms. I think it was Number 5 who wore it but if anybody out there can prove me right or wrong, email me at r5centralATgmailDOTcom.

Where were Sylene and Mai? Find out in the forthcoming Episode 60.5! Complete with all the shoutouts we couldn’t squeeze into this episode!



As Ai said in the episode, just stay tuned to the R5 Central Twitter page for now. When the message appears, re-tweet it by the date we list to be entered into the drawing a copy of The Five Deadly Venoms! Don’t forget to follow Sylene….and now Ai who DID decide to join the brawl.

-Lastly, special thanks to everybody who sent us shoutouts and well wishes! Thanks for sticking with us for four years! Things can only get better from here!

OP THEME: “Break Down” – AAA
ED THEME: “Yaiba” – The Back Horn


00:00:01 – Shoutout: Patrick Macias
00:01.15 – OP Theme + Bumper Montage
00.03.20 – Talk 1: Epic Introduction
00:07.55 – Chat With Bey (Part 1)
00:37.36 – Shoutout: Little Miss Gamer
00:37.45 – CM Break
00:39.47 – Shoutout: Big Bald Broadcast
00:40.07 – Talk 2: “One Bit of Good News…”
00:42.49 – Chat With Bey (Part 2)
01:04.16 – Five Deadly Venoms Discussion
01:19.28 – Talk 3: Contest Details

“Rei” – Crazy Ken Band
Clips from “The Magnificent Butcher”
Audio from the Original English Trailer from “The Chinese Connection”
Clips from “The Five Deadly Venoms”
“Ice Floe 9” – Pierre Avray (The Five Deadly Venoms)
“Da Mystery of Chessboxin'” – Wu-Tang Clan
“Himitsu Piano” – KC Saito

Generation Kikaida
Anime Olympics
Fightbait Anime/Gaming Podcast

Hit these guys up and tell them we sent you!

Bey’s Blog @ Dragon Dynasty
Dragon Squad (AKA Dragon Heat) Official Trailer
Five Deadly Venoms Original Trailer
Kung Fu Cult Master Trailer
Master of Thunder Original Trailer
The Magnificent Butcher‘s “Calligraphy Fight”
Ultraman the Complete Series via Mill Creek Entertainment (Amazon)


5 thoughts on “EPISODE 60: The Man Who Came From Hong Kong

  1. 5 Venoms was definitely a good film.
    I remember renting it and watching it 10 times.
    Of course it was after seeing this movie referenced in Gekiranger 🙂

  2. I think Kung Fu Cult Master is the greatest Kung Fu film because not only is the action very complex and the characterization very expressive but there’s so much depth to the plot (i.e. lots of dialogue) along with some conceptually stunning cinematography (the POV shot, the vertigo shot, the colored flashbacks and the hyperspeed slow motion).

    I agree with one film critic when he said that Kung Fu Cult Master is like what if Terry Gilliam had made a Kung Fu film.

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