EPISODE 59: Operation: SGC


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This Week:
Mike sacrificed Otakon and travels with Ron “Soulcrash” Ladao to the first year of the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention in Dallas, Texas! At least, that was the original plan. Because of a lack of proper format, the audio Mike recorded at the con is all over the map, resulting in something of an extended montage….

All the same, included are highlights from the Nolan Bushnell Keynote Address, a short look at the Jack Thompson Debate, guest appearances by Larry Oji and DJ Pretzel from OC Remix and the ScrewAttack Crew, a live rendition of “The Mario”, and the aftermath of Mike’s attempt at the Iron Man of Gaming Challenge! What it lacks in cohesion, it makes up for with awesomeness! Maybe.

Check out the show notes for a complete Timestamp list!


06:04 – Introductions w/ Stuttering Craig, Destin, Corey, Jose, and Chad
09:08 – Aftermath w/ OC Remix
14:02 – Mike at the Iron Man of Gaming
15:37 – Angry Video Game Nerd Panel Highlights
22:12 – Nolan Bushnell Keynote Address Highlights
33:50 – Jack Thompson Debate Highlights

Continuity: The audio was recorded over the course of the Fourth of July weekend, July 3rd-5th, 2009.

I know, some of the highlights are barely audible. Blame my mic for not having the best range ever and Main Programming for having crap acoustics. If you want to check out the full Jack Thompson debate and keynote address, head on over to ScrewAttack.com. Tell ’em we sent you!

Yes, we really did end up at the Route 66 Motel. Here are some pics for proof….

For more, check out my Picasa album!

Lastly, I resurrected “FREE FREE” for our opening theme. Why? Because it’s my personal favorite and our 4th anniversary is quickly approaching!

OP THEME: “FREE FREE” – Ami Suzuki
ED THEME: “Galactic Railway” – Sunbrain

“Theme From Paris” – James Pants
“Theme from The Police Story” – Jackie Chan
“Iena Sequence” – Robert Pregadio
“The Angry Video Game Nerd Theme” – Kyle Justin
“Marble Madness Remix” – Demitori
“Give It All” – Rise Against


-Firstly, the montage so awesome, it made the ScrewAttack frontpage:

My fabled match in the HD Remix tourney against DJ Pretzel

A short clip from Keith and his Virtual Boy during the AVGN Panel:

-And finally, the Leftover Reel..

Angry Video Game Nerd Official Page
OC Remix Official Site


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