EPISODE 58: Burn Up! Dynamic Double Impact!


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This Week:

As we speak, a survivor of the Kingdom of Evil is trying to amass an army to try and take over the US! Fear not, true believers as the only thing that stands in their way is this podcast of podcasts! In the meantime, please enjoy a quasi-review and defense of Shin Mazinger, our picks for the Top 3 Soul of Chogokin Toys that you should have bought by now, and a review of Koutetsushin Jeeg featuring John-Paul from the Fightbait Anime/Gaming Podcast!


Continuity: The entire episode is set on May 28th, 2009. The segments were recorded in the weeks leading up to it. Regardless, hope this is worth the wait!

-On the subject of continuity, accounts of the Terminator Salvation screening attack can be found on Sylene’s Twitter page!

The aforementioned review of Sukeban Deka: Codename Asamiya Saki was back in Part 1 of Episode 50. Check it out!

Ai is back?! How did this happen! To keep the show moving, I made the tough call of making the current setting some time after the Zodiac arc. As for the conclusion of said arc, all will be explained soon….Why not check out our Story Arc Wiki in the meantime?

Marine Express reference go over your head? This will clear everything up.

Special Thanks to Chad Williams from PBC Productions for pulling a last minute cameo!

To help save on time and not scare away new listeners, we’re trying something new this episode. The subsequent story arc subplot will be both recapped and resolved in a special audio short with extended scenes. It’ll be hitting the net shortly but in the meantime, stay tuned to our Twitter page to get notified the second it goes online.

ED THEME: “Galactic Railway” Sunbrain

“Hitori ni Nande” – Kamen Rider Blade
“Give Back My Bag” – Kamen Rider Faiz
“Song of Kotetsu Jeeg” – Ichiro Mizuki
Select Tracks from Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger Z and Grendizer Eternal Edition

1.) Voltes V: Respect for Volt-In Box
2.) Minerva X
3.) Taiyo no Shisha: Tetsujin 28


-Vintage Micronauts Commercial

-Evidence supporting my theory about Ricardo Cruz:


Fightbait Anime/Gaming Podcast
Micronauts on Wikipedia
Picture of Baron Karza
Shin Mazinger Official HP


6 thoughts on “EPISODE 58: Burn Up! Dynamic Double Impact!

  1. See this is why I need to get the S.P.A. project going >_> Seems like you four get all the fun these days 😛 I’ve got the two C.D. systems in stasis..just need to put in a final sequence or two into the algorithm…anyway ^^; Great episode Mike. Can’t wait to see how it concludes.
    Till the next~ Dred Lily ^w^V

    PS. Any plans for Mai or Ai signing up for twitter soon? 😛

  2. Damn Mike, that opening was epic. When JP said your show was produced well, he wasn’t kidding. Probably wouldn’t work for my format, but damn.. I want to have my own spaceship. We could do a crossover where I try to blow you into a million pieces. Maybe with my next show.

  3. Where do you get music by bands like LAZY (especially that kick-ass opening theme from this week)? I’ve been hunting around since I listened to the show.

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