CONVERSATIONS WITH WILL: 10 – The Hangover Episode

Holy crap, we have graphics again!

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This Week:
Conversations With Will has hit 10 episodes?! According to certain podcast historians, this is the epic point of no return for our heroes! As they recover from the madness that is Anime Central, the two of them reminisce about Tokusatsu Hell: The Revenge, organizational clusterfucks, the epic return of Battletech, Mike’s picks for the Top 5 Cosplayers of ACen 2009, and why Will will never do an episode in Japan.

This Episode was recorded on May 11th, 2009 while in the dwindling moments of ACen, hence our being burned out.

The Samurai Ale comment was a reference to Episode 9’s titular subject matter. If anybody actually wants to mail us a bottle, be our guest and email us for details.

If you wish to submit Toku Hell suggestions, drop me a line at r5centralATgmailDOTcom. Make the necessary substitutions but also bear in mind the following:

  • Two-Year Rule – If it’s from a recent show (i.e Shinkenger/Decade/Rescue Fire), I will wait a year and a half to two years before inserting it into the lineup. It defeats the purpose of watching the showcase if it consists of stuff you’ve seen already.
  • Inability to Upload – Due to copyright goodness, I can’t upload most of the repertoire to Youtube. If you want to see the show, try to make it out to the cons, otherwise I’ll see about uploading it somewhere if you kids are good ^_~

-Finally, to see more pics from ACen, check out Mike’s album on Picasa.

OP THEME: “Cobra”
ED THEME: “Thanks for the Memories” – Fall Out Boy

Rolling Bomber Special
Anime On Location
Uncle Yo’s Official Site: So that you may have a better understanding
Battletech @ Wikipedia

Top 5 Cosplayers
1.) SOS Brigade Soldier (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) – Will C, Rosemount, MN
2.) Miku Hatsune (Vocaloid) – Gaby F., Somewhere in Wisconsin
3.) Master Roshi (Dragonball) – Joe D., Melrose Park, IL
4.) Shredder (TMNT) – Nick, Chicago, IL
5.) Papillon Dahlia & Lily – Jenny and Kyon, Hartford, WI

Thanks again to everybody for showing up to Toku Hell! Now that we’ve gotten past what I like to call our Dress Rehearsal, we’ll be more than ready to dish out the chaos next year!


2 thoughts on “CONVERSATIONS WITH WILL: 10 – The Hangover Episode

  1. lol, awesome, thanks for the mention of me and my Go-Onger jacket. XDDD I’m really sad I’ll miss ACen next year. ;____; But yeah, hearing me talking about the moron yaoi guy in dealers. XDDDDD

    Also, totally sad that I didn’t see Peter or the Bards at all at the con. ;_______;

  2. Awesome episode. Have to say though I was waiting for a sponsored by Dell joke during the Toku Hell part.

    The Battletech pods were cool though, shame though it doesn’t seem like they will do a customization thing with it.

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