CONVERSATIONS WITH WILL: 09 – “Rage, Thy Name Is Twitter”

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This Week
[Insert Clever Description About This Episode Here Due To Mike Being So Tired For Various Reasons]

-Here’s a mirror for the episode since Archive is getting wonky:

-Rescue Fire Awesomeness
Ridiculous GI Joe Characters
Samurai Ale
Acen Floor Plan

More complete notes coming soon…..


5 thoughts on “CONVERSATIONS WITH WILL: 09 – “Rage, Thy Name Is Twitter”

  1. Hate to be a bother but I think Archive may have crashed. I keep trying trying to download this nad it keeps cutting out after reaching roughly 11mb.

  2. Hello Mr. Dent. I’ve become a fairly recent listener within the past 3 months or so, and enjoy what you do. I’m also from the Chi, so its nice to hear about things going on in my neck of the woods, namely ACEN. I wasn’t sure how big the con actually was until I saw ads for it on the back of CTA buses…thats huge.

    Also, just wanted to let you know that I have started watching Japanese Spiderman because of you, and THANK YOU! It is the single greatest thing I have ever seen. The first episode had me crying within 5 minutes, it was so awesome. So yeah. 🙂

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