EPISODE 57: “That Dragonball Episode”

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This Week:
In the wake of Dragonball Evolution, Mike teams up with the crew over at Daizenshuu EX to bring you a Dragonball-themed episode! In addition to musings on said film and the rise of Dragonball Kai, they offer up their picks on Five Dragonball Movies That DON’T Suck!

The segments with VegettoEX and Meri were recorded on April 7th with the Interludes featuring Mike and Sylene were recorded April 23rd. Would have been out sooner but….yeah ^^

I know! Kiva/Decade episode should have been next! I’m actually holding off on that due to a format rework as a special guest may be entering the fray!

Totally flubbed the DaizEX website url! Check out the link below.

Not totally happy with my audio quality this episode….when am I ever really? 😛 Noise reduction sounded a bit wonky. Also, my mic was apparently hitting the Team DaiEX track really hard for some reason, hence the occasional echo. Tried to edit most of it out to the best of my ability so hopefully you won’t have noticed it until just now….when I told you it was there >_>

ED THEME: “Galactic Railways” – Sunbrain

Dragonball @ Funimation.com
Daizenshuu EX

Videos Mentioned
-Pierre Bernard’s Robotech Rant [Desperately Trying To Fine!]
James Marsters Interview


2 thoughts on “EPISODE 57: “That Dragonball Episode”

  1. The naming of this episode has me imagining a live action Dragonball film done by the cast of That 70s show. C’mon, it would be better than what we’ve been given!

    Topher Grace as Goku, Ashton Kutcher as Krillin, Mila Kunis as Chi Chi, that tall girl ( think her name is Gray Poupon or something) as Bulma, and Kurtwood Smith as King Piccolo.

    I wish that movie would have gotten better reviews, so I could have seen it. I still haven’t seen it. That is incredibly sad for me.

    Mike, you’re only the second person I can recall who’s stated that Dragonball was not as bad as expected. The chick from Anime Vice said so as well.

  2. I’d liek to point out that here in the UK we’ve had bugger all in terms of Dragonball re-releases. Heck they’ve even stopped showing the TV spots and the film only had one daily showing after it’s release day.

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