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This Week:
Will and Mike emerge from the ether for another late-night episode. This time, the two of them try to wrap their heads around the sudden awesomeness of Power Rangers RPM, why Superman can’t have sex, and Will’s new calling as the savior of the karaoke bar.

-This was recorded March 7th, 2009 and was intended to be released on Friday, March 13th but got held up for varying reasons. Release date is reset accordingly to help me sleep at night.

“LET’S SAY GO!”:  For the unaware, that was a sham of a reference to the catchphrase of Star Saber, the leader of the Autobots/Cybertron forces in Transfomers: Victory.

His catchphrase is “Let’s say go!”, possibly a pun on “Let’s seigō” (整合), meaning “Let’s coordinate/integrate.”

I’ll really be impressed if anybody in the audience actually caught that before reading this.

-Kamen Rider Decade
-Power Rangers RPM vs Dragon Knight
Japanese Spider-Man on
Captain Planet on Mother Nature Network

Science of Watchmen

Grandmaster Flash: The Bridge
Dan Akroyd’s Crystal Skull Vodka

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3 thoughts on “CONVERSATIONS WITH WILL: 08 – A Means To An End


    Are these the images your referring to Mike? Also in regards to new Rangers in RPM, first we’ve got confirmation that Gold and Silver will be twins and Gold isn’t Scott’s brother.

    Also it’s doubtful we’ll be getting Rangers for the prehistoric Zords as the first Executive Producer went over budget and got fired! The new EP THE Judd ‘Chip’ Lynn is being force to use more sentai footage because of what’s left of the budget is tiny.

  2. Sorry didn’t notice the shownotes. My bad. Loved the Transformers: Victory reference by the way.

    Funny fact Hasbro were rumoured to be considering dubbing Victory back when were trying to launch Generation 2.

  3. @Lee Sands Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! I might be wrong for once!

    I’m liking Judd ‘Chip’ Lynn’s work so far!

    In addition, we got the confirmation not too long ago that we’re supposed to have a Shinkenger season. . .we’ll see how well that goes.

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