EPISODE 56: Coming Back – An Interview With Utada

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This Week:
Series 5 of R5 Central kicks off with one of the biggest events to date! Mike recently had the opportunity to interview the one and only Hikaru Utada. As she gears up to release her new album, the two of them chat about her feelings about the making of the album, future plans, and other tidbits that you’ll find interesting…hopefully ^^

-The interview with Utada was recorded January 29th with the “in-studio” bridge segments recorded a few weeks later. Also, yay! I can do graphics again!

New to the show? Check out the FAQ.

“…Though I can’t say that because Mark might be listening”: Last series, we had the opportunity to talk to Mark Musashi who is apparently listening to the show now….and is probably reading this too…..OSHI-

I did have to re-record my “Time is up” comment due to it not coming out all that well in the recording, hence the slight jump in quality.

For a transcript of the interview, be sure to hit up the Otaku USA Magazine website! A shorter version may be appearing in a forthcoming issue!

Will the Tetris challenge still happen? It’s anybody’s guess at this point. Stay tuned!

Finally, please don’t re-upload this interview without my permission. While I’m flattered that somebody went through all the trouble to put the teaser on Youtube, I kinda wish they had asked to begin with.

ED THEME – “Galactic Railway” – Sunbrain

Morse – Nightmare on Wax
Himitsu Piano – KC Saito

R5 @ Twitter
Utada Official HP
Utada @ Myspace


8 thoughts on “EPISODE 56: Coming Back – An Interview With Utada

  1. IR:
    The parts I had to cut were really just me being told that certain aspects of the album hadn’t been decided. I wish there had been more but alas T_T

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